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Nurture ~ Structure ~ Self-Care Take      Parenting 3

Supervision for facilitators is an integral part of parenting work, and should be additional to the usual managerial supervision that workers receive as part of their jobs.  Unfortunately this is something that is often overlooked by managers, especially when funding is hard to come by and it involves extra time.

In the Take 3 pack we recommend that supervision takes place at least twice during the duration of a course, but given the complexity of the situations that parents are bringing to a group it is often needed more frequently, for example every 2-3 weeks.

Supervision enables practitioners to develop their competences as group facilitators.  It allows them to reflect on their practice and if the supervision takes place in a group they have an opportunity to learn from each other.

It is also a space in which group facilitators can:

Much of the above also applies to practitioners working with individual parents.  They will not be dealing with group dynamics but if both parents of a young person are present, the couple relationship can present a whole new set of challenges.  Apart from times of lockdown, a worker is usually giving parents individual support because there are very complex issues involved and supervision (alone or in a group) allows time to unpick these issues, reflect on the most appropriate parts of the Take 3 material to use, and notice how the issues are impacting the worker.  Often parenting practitioners feel under enormous pressure to ‘rescue’ their clients and they need support with looking at their motives in wanting to help others, keeping very clear boundaries and dealing with their own stress.

How Take 3 Parenting Can Help

T3P offers nationwide supervision to parenting practitioners, primarily those using the Take 3 materials.  We are all experienced and trained supervisors.  Sessions can be organised locally or online (e.g. using Zoom or Skype) and can be tailor-made to suit organizations or individual parenting workers, so please contact us if you are interested.