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What is the Take 3 Programme?


The Take 3 Programme is a comprehensive evidence-based parenting programme for working with groups of parents of 10-18 year-olds, including parents of at-risk or vulnerable young people.  It has also been used extensively for one-to-one interventions with ‘hard-to-reach’ parents.

Take 3 was originally created for use within the Youth Justice context and then developed over an eight-year period before publication in 2008, incorporating feedback from parents and facilitators so as to hone it down to ‘what works’.

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It is used throughout the UK by Youth Offending and Early Intervention teams, social workers, health visitors and other parenting professionals.  The Programme has been independently positively evaluated and validated on the CWDC commissioning toolkit.

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Overview of the Programme

The Take 3 Programme is a parenting course in two parts for parents of young people aged between 10 and 18:

Take 3 has two main aims:

To this end, the objectives of the course are to equip parents with skills and strategies to:

Young people behave better when they feel understood; when they have parents who are able to set authoritative boundaries; and when their parents value themselves.

The Take 3 Programme was originally created specifically to support parents of at-risk or vulnerable young people whose challenging behaviour was causing problems for the parents and/or the community. However, it can also be used successfully with any group of parents of teenagers, and can be easily adapted for working ‘one-to-one’ with parents.

The course is supported by a comprehensive pack containing written and DVD material, so each session is accompanied by detailed instructions.  These not only make it very easy for facilitators to use in a practical sense, but also provide readily accessible background theory, which greatly supports practitioners in their work by enabling a deepened understanding of family dynamics and human behaviour.

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Introduction to the T3 Programme

Take 3 is central in raising awareness, providing resources and allowing parents the space and opportunity to develop skills



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