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I am passionate about parenting and have worked with parents for over 20 years. I first discovered parenting support when I was finding raising two children on my own extremely lonely and challenging: my life began to change after attending a parenting course when they were at primary school, and since then I have tried to get those helpful ideas and strategies out into the community.  In 2000, in my role as Parenting Officer for the Youth Offending Team, I set up the Oxfordshire Parent-Talk programme for parents and carers of at-risk teenagers and I wrote the original Take 3 material to meet the needs of that project.

I managed the project for Oxfordshire County Council for 10 years. My team of 20 or so parenting practitioners and I provided groups and 1-2-1 support for parents and carers of some of the most challenging and vulnerable young people in Oxfordshire.  Before that I had worked in Community Education, running parenting groups for parents of children of all ages.


In 2016 I handed over management of all Take 3 facilitator training to my long-term colleague Nicky Xandora. I continue to manage development of the programme and the publication and distribution of the Take 3 materials. I also supervise parenting practitioners and have a private practice seeing individual parents, in person and on-line.

Many parents attend a Take 3 course and that is enough to enable them to make effective changes. However what currently fascinates me is the challenge of helping those parents who are not able to make changes, who are ‘stuck’, generally because of difficult or traumatising things that have happened to them in their own lives. Using the Take 3 materials to go ‘deeper’ in a 1-2-1 setting can sometimes help, but usually more is needed and to this end I have been studying Systemic Family Constellations and also Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), which has been used to great effect with trauma victims in Africa.

Apart from being a parenting consultant, mother and now a grandmother, I have been a reflexologist, a training officer for the CAB, a china restorer, lived on a small-holding and have a degree in anthropology.  In 1998 I co-edited the book Cross-Cultural Marriage: Identity and Choice.


Nicky has been working with parents in a supportive capacity for over 20 years and has considerable experience of working as a parent educator and as a trainer of parenting support professionals. She has been closely involved with the Take 3 Programme since its inception, and has particular expertise in early intervention and work with troubled families (for more information about Nicky see:

Nicky now manages all practitioner training for Take 3 through TUG Training, the organisation she set up in 2016. For Take 3 training enquiries and information contact, and see