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Nurture ~ Structure ~ Self-Care Take      Parenting 3

Some Comments from Users of the Take 3 Programme

A Welsh mum

‘Certainly worth it!  Made me realize that there’s better ways of communicating – including saying nothing sometimes.  Many thanks.’

An Oxfordshire dad

‘I learnt to listen more, to understand more about the child, to connect.’

A Yorkshire dad

‘I now can start to confront my son’s drug problem a lot more positively.’

A Nottinghamshire mum

‘I particularly liked finding other people in the same boat.  Felt before I came on the course as if it was just me who couldn’t get my child to school.  I learnt about negotiating boundaries and using them effectively, making time for me, and using ‘I’ statements.  I’m now thinking before I speak and have more understanding of my son’s needs.’

An Oxfordshire mum

‘I found it really helpful.  Thinking about it, role-play is really useful for putting myself in the position of my child.  Things are going much better.’

A Yorkshire dad

‘I enjoyed everything.  Active listening has helped me to connect better.’

A Nottinghamshire mum

‘The things I particularly liked about the course were remembering to take care of me, talking to other parents in similar situations and understanding the teen brain.  My outlook is positive – I really do use what I’ve learnt.’

A Welsh mum

‘Very helpful.  I feel much more confident.’

A Yorkshire dad

‘Always step back for a moment and try to negotiate.’

An Oxfordshire mum and dad

‘The sessions made ideas a lot clearer, and helped you identify areas that you’re good at and ones that you need to be stronger with. Helped me to be calmer and give the children opportunities to do things for themselves.  I learnt to listen… giving time for children to reply, giving children choices and consequences, discipline, working as a family.’

‘I learnt to be more relaxed and patient with the children.  Their mum and I are more relaxed, the children are more relaxed and happy.’

A Welsh mum

‘I found it very useful and thanks to you things are improving slowly and I feel that I understand my teenager more.’

A Nottinghamshire mum

‘I now control the way I talk to my kids.’

An Oxfordshire dad

‘I enjoy talking with people.  Great ideas, loads of feedback, great ways to deal with problems and we all help each other which is great.’

A Yorkshire dad

‘I think I’ll be a better person to talk to now.’

Lawrence Kelly - Learning and Development Manager, Core Assets, FOSTER CARE ASSOCIATES

‘Foster Care Associates, part of the Core Assets Group, has used the Take 3 parenting materials in a number of areas of the UK since 2010.  The materials have been used with small groups of Foster Carers to re-focus attention on the needs of adolescents and to reinforce the importance of positive attention, listening, relationships and providing a secure base. Although the materials are written primarily for birth parents and family carers we have found that they are easily transferable to the foster care setting.  The materials have helped colleagues to see the behaviour of teenagers in a new light and adjust their parenting strategies as a consequence. The materials meet the needs of a wide range of learners and contain a great variety of activities and strategies.  No matter how much experience carers have they benefit from this refreshing and comprehensive guide to building positive relationships with teenagers.’

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If I’d done this course

before I had kids,

life would have been

easier and more peaceful



View from a Parent

To be able to step back from the situation and think about what’s

going on gave me confidence as a parent