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Nurture ~ Structure ~ Self-Care Take      Parenting 3

About the Take 3 Programme Training Pack

The Take 3 pack contains all the material needed for facilitators to run the course. There are ten  core sessions in Part 1 (in 4 booklets - see Part 1 Table of Contents); and eleven extra sessions in Part 2 (in a separate volume).  The Part 2 sessions are ‘pick and mix’ sessions focusing on specific issues which can be added to the basic course at the discretion of the facilitators, according to the needs of their group (see Part 2 Table of Contents).  The materials come in a handy carry case and they were fully updated in 2020.

What is in the Take 3 Pack?

Part 1 contains very detailed session outlines, and also includes easily accessible background theory to the topic for that week.  Facilitators – and especially those new to parenting work - find this very informative and supportive.  It means that they are well equipped not only to facilitate the learning of skills and strategies but also to approach parents with a far deeper understanding of human relationships and behaviour, and of adolescent development.


See sample Part 1 session pages>>

Part 2 also includes comprehensive background Notes for Facilitators, but the session outlines are less detailed (e.g. timings are not included).

See sample Part 2 session pages>>

Take 3 Pack Price

£155 plus P&P

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The Take 3 Pack and its Contents

How is the Programme Delivered? History & Development Research and Evaluation What is Special about theTake 3 Programme What is Special about Take 3? What is the Take 3 Programme? Take 3 Programme Materials Theory & Ethos History & Development Research & Evaluation Buy Resources Who is it for? Who is it for? What is the Take 3 Parenting Programme?

Sample Video Clips

The videos were realistic, spoke a common language that the parents I work with would be able to understand


Very clear and very concise and very, very useful



How is the Programme Delivered? Research and Evaluation

Theory & Ethos behind Take 3>>