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The Take 3 Programme is delivered by a wide range of organisations and practitioners. Typically Take 3 facilitators are people who have a specialisation in parenting support work who may be based in Early Intervention teams, the Troubled Families Programme, Youth Offending teams, social services, education services, schools, CAMHS and PCAMHS teams, health services, counselling services, various charities and community groups.

We welcome any practitioner or organisation with an interest in parenting.

Who are Our Facilitators?

A parenting programme is of course only as good as the people who facilitate it.   That is why we are passionately committed to ensuring that high-class training and support is available for prospective and practising Take 3 facilitators.

All training for the Take 3 programme is now managed by Nicky Xandora at TUG Training.  Nicky’s long association with the Take 3 programme means she has a particularly good understanding of the principles, practices and potential challenges involved in its delivery to families. Having used it in a wide variety of contexts, she is especially well placed to answer practitioners’ questions, and to devote time during training to considering and practising the application of the programme in tricky and demanding situations.

Training & Support


Facilitator Training

Feedback from Participants

I’ve run several other

parenting courses…

the way that Rosie has

 put Take 3 together is really interesting and I’m really excited about setting up with some particularly hard to reach families.   

All in all I would highly recommend this training – and I’ve been on quite a few!



Aims & Objectives of Training

The overall aim of the training is to familiarise participants with the Take 3 parenting course and enable them to reflect on how to run the course effectively with parents.

By the end of the course participants will have:

If practitioners wish to become accredited Take 3 facilitators, they need to have:

If the submitted paperwork is found to be satisfactory, practitioners will then become accredited Take 3 facilitators and will receive an accreditation certificate from Take 3 Parenting.


Take 3 Parenting likes to keep in touch with trained facilitators.  We are always ready to answer queries, discuss practice or offer any necessary follow-up support.   

See also Supervision for Parenting Practitioners for details of supervision support.   

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Ongoing Support


Bolton, Cornwall, Leeds, Manchester, Oxford, Plymouth, Rhondda

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