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Evaluation of the Take 3 Programme

1)  In 2010 by Jane Linthwaite and Rosie Hill from Oxfordshire Parent-Talk. This quantitative evaluation involving Take 3 courses in Manchester, North Tyneside, Nottinghamshire and Oxfordshire demonstrated significant change in both parents’ self esteem and young people’s behaviour.

“The data in this report shows that the course is successful in teaching parents how to look after themselves better.”

“…responses demonstrated significantly that by [the end of the course] parents had become more adept at providing structure and setting boundaries in that they were less likely to give in to their child ‘for an easy life’, didn’t have to shout so much at their child to get their message across, were less likely to do too much for their child, found it easier to put up with their child disagreeing with them, were nagging their child less, were less likely to hit their child to enforce discipline, were less likely to argue with another adult about the best way to bring up their child...”

“The SDQ scores showed that [the young people] were more obedient and likely to do what adults requested, stealing less from home, school or elsewhere, less restless or overactive, thinking things out more before acting, more ready to share with other children, having less tantrums or hot tempers, more likely to have one good friend, less easily distracted, less picked on or bullied by other children, better at seeing tasks through to the end, and had a better attention span…”

Download evaluation report here>>

The Take 3 Programme is the one that seems to get behind the reasons that people are operating as they are…



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The Take 3 Programme has been positively evaluated on three occasions:

2) In 2008 by Georgina Glenny from Oxford Brookes University.  This highly encouraging qualitative evaluation involving interviews with parents demonstrated the lasting effect of the Programme.  Parents found the course very beneficial and even up to three years later they reported that they were still effectively using strategies learnt on the Take 3 course.

“Data from parent interviews demonstrated that course terminology, and the skills described, were regularly being used by parents two years after the course was completed.”

“The Take 3 programme provides systematic guidance for facilitators and is a rich source of well trialled materials.”

“The [Take 3] course provides participating parents with an experience that they value very highly….groups provide a safe place where they can explore their experiences as parents and experiment with changing their thinking and behaviour and some of the patterns of their family life.”

Download evaluation report here>>

3)  In 2001 by the Oxford Centre for Criminological Research as part of the National Evaluation of the Youth Justice Board Parenting Programme. This positive evaluation by Ros Burnett and Catherine Appleton, which was carried out long before Take 3 had been fully developed or published, is summarised in Joined-Up Services to Tackle Youth Crime: A Case-Study in England, British Journal of Criminology, 2004 (NB. at that time Take 3 was called the Oxfordshire Parent-Talk Programme, having the same name as the organisation for which it was developed).

Download evaluation summary here>>

The full Youth Justice Board evaluation called Positive Parenting was published by Ghate and Ramella in 2002.                  

Download Positive Parenting here>>

Take 3 is also validated on the Government’s Commissioning Toolkit and its facilitator training is regularly commissioned throughout the UK.